Dental Posts & Core Build-Up

Dental Posts & Core Build-up

Sometimes when a tooth is broken due to fracture or decay, there is simply not enough tooth remaining to place a crown, fortunately there is a way to replace the missing portion and save the tooth by placing a post and using it to anchor a buildup which is also called a core. The first step in placing a post is performing a root canal therapy on the tooth, the nerve of the tooth is removed and replaced by a filling material, the top of the root canal is then shaped, a post is selected tried in and then cemented or bonded in place, depending on the situation we may use post made of metal, fiber reinforced plastic or carbon fiber.

After the post is in place the next step is the placement of the new core material. Once harden the core material is prepared and shaped and the impression is taken, the placement of a temporary crown completes the first appointment.

On the second appointment the temporary is removed the permanent crown is tried and then cemented in place. When a tooth is severely broken down a post and a core procedure is an excellent way to build the tooth back up and save the tooth.