Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Tijuana Mexico


Before we explain to you how wisdom teeth are removed we like to offer some suggestions. You probably won’t feel like driving home after your surgery appointment so arrange having a friend or family member come with you, schedule some time off from work or school you’ll probably want to take it easy for several days after your appointment.

An appointment to have all four wisdom teeth removed normally only takes an hour or two. First we numb your teeth after a while the area is checked to make sure you are completely numb, though you’ll feel pressure when a tooth is removed you shouldn’t feel any pain at all, if you do, will stop and give you more anesthetic depending on the situation sometimes is helpful to cut the tooth in two before removal, if your tooth is below the gum line we remove it through a small incision a couple of stitches will close the incision.

Having your wisdom teeth extracted will prevent many future problems and with modern dental techniques it should be a comfortable procedure for you.


  1. No fat foods
  2. No Alcohol
  3. No Smoking
  4. No Exercise
  5. No Suction on the hole
  6. Don’t put your tongue on the hole
  7. Don’t expose to sun
  8. Only eat soft foods
  9. Take your medicine according to instructions
  10. Rinse with salt water three times a day
  11. Remove the gauze 40 minutes after the surgery

Follow this indications for 7 days  If it hurts or you have any other discomfort please call your Dentist