Crown Lengthening In Tijuana Mexico


When a tooth is broken down due to decay or fracture a crown is an excellent way to cover and protect it. In this cases when you have a severe problem and there is not enough remaining tooth structure to adequately add a crown, years ago a tooth with not enough structure had to be extracted but today by using a procedure called crown lengthening we can increase the amount of available tooth structure and save the tooth. The first step in this procedure is truly numbing the entire area, incisions are made and the gums are gently pulled back, the area is reshaped and sculpted in the desired shape, the gums are replaced and a couple of stitches are placed to speed the healing. After a few weeks of healing a crown is placed to cover and protect the damage tooth, Crown Lengthening is a minor surgery procedure that is a predictable and effective way to save a tooth that by other way be lost.