Overdenture In Tijuana Mexico


An overdenture fits over specially prepared teeth, from the outside an overdenture looks the same as a regular denture but under the denture you can see the difference, some teeth are retained and on over denture fits over this prepared teeth. The bone in your jaw begins to decrease when we extract your teeth however if we leave some of the roots of the teeth in place we can slow bone loss significantly and give you a more stable denture to prepare the teeth that support an over denture. We first remove that portion of teeth above the gum line next we perform root canal treatment on these teeth we sometimes cover them with small metal caps. To begin the process of making an overdenture, we first make impressions of your mouth, from this impressions we make precise working models of your mouth and is on this models that we make the denture. We will work with you to select the best color and shape for your new teeth. When your denture is ready we’ll extract any teeth that we aren’t keeping and place your new denture.

New Denture Problems

-Tip when you chew

– Increase of salivary flow

-Feel bulky

-Gagging sensation

– Tongue could feel crowded

– Difficulty when speaking

But don’t worry as you get used to your new denture this problems will go away.